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Puerto Vallarta Activities

Puerto Vallarta Activities

Vallarta is one of those rare resorts in the world where old traditional ways coincide beautifully with sophisticated entertainment, shopping and dining. There is much to do and much to see and absolutely nobody to push you into any of it! The laid back people of Puerto Vallarta are kind, cheerful and working hard to one end - to make your vacation in our paradise perfect.


Puerto Vallarta is famous for its world-class beaches, bay cruises, whale-watching, bicycling, Mexican craftmanship and wonderful hospitality. 

You can find pretty much any kind of national food or activity here in Puerto Vallarta.


It is romantic and fun with bars and restaurants, hotels and condominiums, a wide boardwalk, gorgeous sand, warm water to swim in, a pier for fishing and every kind of water sport imaginable. And, great shopping!

Where else in the world can you sit under a palapa, have waiters bring you cocktails and food, get some sun and have an enormous array of merchandise walked past you every single day. Silver, sandals, sunglasses, The city is located on the Pacific coast about 270 miles west of Guadalajara. The city and state of Jalisco recently invested in excess of $40 million dollars in water purification, which helps Puerto Vallarta boast one of the country's safest water to drink.



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