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Puerto Vallarta's Canadian Honorary Consul

by Marla Hoover -www.pvlifestyle.com

Puerto Vallarta's Canadian Honorary Consul: Lyne Benoit
Puerto Vallarta's Canadian Honorary Consul: Lyne Benoit
Lyne Benoit, Puerto Vallarta's Canadian Honorary Consul recently received a citation of excellence from The Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, William Graham.

Benoit was one of four Honorary Consuls out of hundreds world wide, that was given awards for service. Benoit's honor was for being "recognized for exceptional services given to Canada." This marks the second time she has received such an award. In 1996 Benoit also received recognition for her work as Puerto Vallarta's Honorary Consul

"It was given to me because of my body of work, not for one specific act or duty," said Benoit.

However, when she received her award, her work during both hurricane Kenna the earthquake in Colima were mentioned. Benoit is Consul to the Coast of Jalisco, Nayarit and well as Colima.

Benoit's job isn't as glamorous as it may seem. Besides the public functions she must attend are the more typical responsibilities of her job. Unfortunately, those are mostly emergency related. Benoit spends most of her time at hospitals, detention centers, and the morgue. She also has to deal with the unpleasantness of mental illness as well as the more routine tourist problem of those who have misplaced their traveling papers and need to get home.

One of the most important issues of her job is the registration of Canadians abroad, said Benoit. She would like to get the word out that if Canadians take the time to register with the Consulate, if something happens to them or to their family back home, they will be able to find either much faster.

The Honorary Consul also acts as a guide to help people find the right agency, such as immigration or porfeco, but does not cross the boundaries of the other agencies duties. For more information visit: www.canada.org.mx This year also marks the ten-year anniversary of Benoit's Consul position in Puerto Vallarta as well as the upcoming move to new offices. The new offices are now located at Obelisco Condominio, Ave. Francisco Medina Ascencio No. 1951, Int. 100, Hotelera Las Glorias.

Consul office hours are from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, the office is open to the public until 3 pm. After hours a 24 hour crisis line can be reached at 01-800-706-2900, which will put callers in touch with a watch officer in Ottawa, who if necessary can reach the Consul here. Current Tel. In PV, 222-5398, 223-0858, email vallarta@canada.org.mx



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